Children's Academy provides a full range of Montessori learning materials, for all ages, to promote individual growth in the areas of: practical life, sensorial work, mathematics, language, the sciences, arts and crafts and music.

Our children enjoy the freedom to choose which material interests them on any given day and what they would like to spend their time learning.

Through stories we develop our fantasy and mind. Therefore, we are proud to partner with our local library and introduce our children to the world of storytelling. Additionally, our own library contains app. 500 books in both the English and German language.

 Arts and Crafts play a special role in early childhood education. It allows our children to put their fantasy into practice, develop their motor skills and grow in self-confidence when accomplishing a project.

We are proud to enable our children to learn with and from nature. Once a month we visit our local "City Farm", where we visit workshops on growing vegetables and get to tend for our own vegetable patch.

"In Science ... we can inspire something ... every discovery, however small, is a permanent gain." - We believe science is about the miracle of the mundane and children can appreciate this best. Every child is a scientist!

Celebrations and traditions are a part of our society, which allow us to create memories. At Children's Academy we celebrate an array of different festivities from all over the world.


Children's Academy

Verein für bilinguale und Montessori Pädagogik

Ölzeltgasse 3/1

1030 Wien

BA Mary Röttig

+43 (0) 676 940 1615

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